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Bass students will practice rhythmic studies in order to approach note and choral exercises. Reading studies will be part of the curriculum, as well as scale exercises and various bass techniques used in modern musical genres, from slapping to soloing.

A. performance program

The main program at Live! will teach you the music, develop the skills, and give you the confidence to become a performing musician. On entering the program, students will be leveled according to their age and gauge of experience. Along the way, they will practice with other musicians, take instrument ensemble classes, learn the theory behind the notes, and be given the opportunity to perform on stage, live, for real audiences. Bands will learn the dynamics of being a part of a team and develop important practice habits. From note recognition to creative songwriting, this program will teach every aspect of being a musician as the student grows as an artist



3 hours  //  2x week

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10 installments of $200 / month

Each academic level at Live! is 36 weeks long. Monthly tuition is based on a 10 month payment plan for each academic level. Student’s completion of 36 weeks is honored with a Live! Certificate and performance at the end-of-the-term concert to showcase the student’s progress and abilities. 

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B. private lesson

At Live! students get the one-on-one attention they need in order to learn and understand music and its many aspects. Our instructors are committed and caring individuals that will make sure every student has the resources, skills, and motivation needed in order to establish their own practice routines and help them become successful musicians. 



45 minutes  //  1x week // ages 8+ 

$160 / month

Enrolled in Performance Program


$200 / month

Not enrolled in Performance Program

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